“I am delighted and amazed at the results.  Straight after the session I felt an immediate release of my stresses. And it has made even more of a difference on an ongoing basis.” Margaret, Mother of 3

“I have never experienced such meaningful, life-changing therapy before, though I’ve done loads over the years. I am in awe of this process. Really big work. Thank you Ruth.” Juliet, Seamstress

“I came to you a few years ago for help with my studies, because I was procrastinating horribly. You were so helpful – I ended up getting a double first!” Bridget, KMPG

“I’ve been sleeping which is a miracle!  And feeling so much calmer about my interview next week.”   Saskia, Lawyer

“Amazing – so powerful, but also simple once you know how.”  Dan, Entrepreneur

“The difference since my session has been extraordinary” Geeta, Investment Banker

“I wanted to tell you that I went to the dentist for a filling and didn’t shed one tear! After years of fear and panic and crying! Wow! What a new sensation! Thank you so much.” Sabina, Customer Services

Teenager Reference 1“I found that my fears that had worked up inside me for 3 years had subsided greatly… I would fully recommend it to anybody who wanted a fear to disappear…I’m now sleeping on my own and enjoying it!” William, age 13

“I would have failed my exams if I hadn’t seen you – the recording really helped me focus and revise” Steve, A-level student

“What a fantastic session. It set all sorts of things going inside me. I can’t thank you enough.” Anne, Actress

“I just wanted to thank you for our session last week, it was very successful! I went on the Eurostar over the weekend and was able to actually enjoy the journey, rather than feel anxious the whole way. On my morning commute I crammed onto a very busy train & was fine! “ Bridget, Actor

“I feel so much better – thank you!”  Diane, Mother

“Since our sessions I’ve been promoted, lost 7 kgs by going to the gym, have a lot of new friends and am much happier. I feel like I got “the old me” back – joyful again! I also know if I need help, you are there! It makes a huge difference.” Eleanor, International Account Manager

“Very excited about listening to the MP3 as I feel better already since the session” Alan, Sales Executive

“I was certain I couldn’t be hypnotised, having had unsuccessful hypnotherapy before. Ruth’s method was different and effective – quite an achievement for me.” Sonal, Actor

“I loved it – a real gym session for the soul. The physical feeling was warm, like the falling when you’re about to go to sleep.”  Jennifer, Chief Executive

“My nails are still unbitten and I feel in a happier place than a few months ago. Your dulcet tones are a regular on my iPod and I thank you silently each time I top up my self belief.” Roger, Journalist

“I thought I’d have a cigarette as soon as I left, but the urge has completely gone – I can’t believe it.”  Sarah, Writer

“Thank you for yesterday. I slept very well and it feels like a charge has gone that was like a tie to my ex husband. It’s a welcome relief!.” Collette, Editor

“I’m very scientific and the last person I would have expected to benefit from your treatment, but its been amazing.” Gillian, Medical CEO

“Feeling really good about having no desire to smoke… I’ve not been drunk and not felt the need to be.  Magic!” Rachel, Dancer

“I feel stronger and more equipped for life. Ruth combines professionalism and empathy in equal proportion… MORE…  Alara, Musician

“I felt so elated afterwards, and also relieved. It made everything clear.” Peter, IT Manager

“My friend asked me: Who’s your coach – she deserves a raise!… I love this new me!” Mikaela, Product Designer

“I wanted to tell you how much tremendous help I’ve had from our session. It’s been nothing short of a miracle. Your voice on the MP3 is soothing and impactful.” Susan, Marketing Consultant

“After the session I had a lot of energy inside me. By the end of my working day I still felt energetic – I would normally feel drained.” Rose, Sports Masseuse

“Used the recording yesterday instead of a migraine pill! It gave me my body back, without the drugs. Fab!” Rebecca, Teacher

“With Ruth I’ve tried things that previously I would have thought bonkers!  I never dreamed they would be so insightful, helpful and effective when I needed them most.  It brought positive change when I was first diagnosed, which I never would have thought possible.  It has changed every aspect of my life and I would never want to go back.” Gillian, Stage 4 Cancer Patient

To find out more, call Ruth on
07808 722 841
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"I can't believe how much I saw about myself and how much good it has done me"

"Thank you so much. I felt very safe, warm, held, welcomed, accepted, seen, and hence, relaxed and at ease - which for me is rare."

"What an awesome facilitator you are! Very skillfully held, and with the perfect amount of holding, intervention and heart."

"Wow! What a day yesterday was. So grateful for everything I experienced. I feel different. Much lighter than I have for a while. My daughter just asked why I looked so good!"

"I appreciated your gentle, open, accepting approach and your wealth of knowledge and insights. I will be back."

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