Sandtray 1Hypnotherapy tends to work brilliantly for children, as they are so used to using their imagination – the key to the subconscious mind.

Often they only come when parents are desperate and have ‘tried everything else’ – but this way of working is so effective (and enjoyable) that I wish I could see them sooner!

“He has been so happy coming to see you and has changed in so many ways, enjoying subjects at school and more confident.” (Helen, Grandmother)

I use a unique integrative approach which combines creative techniques (drawing, storytelling, modelling and sand-scenes) with classic hypnotherapy, coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Many children’s issues are solved in just one or two sessions, while others with, for example, longer-term anxiety, will benefit from weekly sessions for a few months.

“You’ve made a huge difference to our family. The progress my son has made is outstanding – he’s really shining now. He sleeps better, he’s calmer around his younger sibling, and his self-confidence has grown hugely. And the results from my own session were remarkable – I went through caffeine and nicotine withdrawal the next day and didn’t shout at anyone!” (David, Diplomat)


bed wetting
stammering / stuttering
fears & phobias
nail biting
sleep problems
school issues & exam stress
behavioral problems


From about the age of 8, hypnotherapy is a simple, safe and rapid solution. Children usually enjoy the sessions very much, because they are relaxed and creative – nothing at all like going to a doctor or psychiatrist.

“My daughter’s bed was dry the very first night after the session – it seems like some kind of miracle!”

I use a variety of techniques with children, according to their age and needs. This might involve suggestion therapy for building confidence – including providing a personalised MP3 for them to use at home – or it might involve directly or indirectly dealing with the fears or other issues that are behind the problem.


If you would like to discuss your child’s problem or find out more about hypnotherapy for children, please contact me.



To find out more, call Ruth on
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"I can't believe how much I saw about myself and how much good it has done me"

"Thank you so much. I felt very safe, warm, held, welcomed, accepted, seen, and hence, relaxed and at ease - which for me is rare."

"What an awesome facilitator you are! Very skillfully held, and with the perfect amount of holding, intervention and heart."

"Wow! What a day yesterday was. So grateful for everything I experienced. I feel different. Much lighter than I have for a while. My daughter just asked why I looked so good!"

"I appreciated your gentle, open, accepting approach and your wealth of knowledge and insights. I will be back."

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